Storyboard: Bring Your Story to Life

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Storyboard Projects

Manage all your Storyboard projects. Break down your stories in to chapters, scenes and cell.

Import, Sketch or Use The Camera

Insert images and photos, take your own with iPad2 or your iPhone. Sketch them from scratch.

Storyboard Image Painter

Full range of drawing tools and features such as paint, arrow shapes, eraser, layers and colour picker.

Cell annotations

Add and maintain cell annotations.

Storyboard PDF Export

Save your storyboard PDF locally, drop box it or email it for quick feedback.

Visual Cell Markup

Type setting, shapes for your work-flow or camera crop and its movement.

What is a Storyboard?

Storyboard is an iPad and iPhone app that helps you concept, develop and then produce your script or production. Hash it out, visualize it, annotate it then create it. Communicate your story visually, this in turn will help pitch the story and identify areas for absolute improvement.

Break down your story for easy to manage chapters, scenes and cells. Use your images, concept photos or take your own and sketch or draw using a rich set of drawing tools. Modify these to tell, pitch, communicate and pre-visualise your story.


An advantage in film and business to use storyboards is to allow the user to experiment with changes in the storyline to evoke stronger reaction or interest. Flashbacks, for instance, are often the result of sorting storyboards out of chronological order to help build suspense and interest.

This process of visual thinking and planning allows a group of people to brainstorm together, placing their ideas on storyboards and then arranging the storyboards on the device. This fosters more ideas and generates consensus inside the group.

User Guide for iPhone

Storyboard for iPhone User guide. The guide allows you to learn the basic to advanced features of Storyboard app for iPhone. Just follow through the handy guide and enjoy


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User Guide for iPad

Storyboard for iPad User guide. The guide lets you to learn the basic to advanced features of Storyboard app for iPad.

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