Producer: The Better Way to Produce

Producer for iPhone and iPad

Producer App Features for iPhone and iPad
Production Portfolio

Production Management and archiving your productions: Visually browse your projects and archive them for future reference. Make your contact network an asset. Your iPhone and iPad are visual and tactile and so is Producer.


With Producers' well featured casting module you keep and cast all your talent. Upload talent images and information or simply take your shots and add them to your model or actor profile. It is like your own, easy to use model agency.

Crew Call Sheet

Have your crew call sheet organised together with their information, contact details and rates. Keep previous crew details with notes for you future productions or fill a last minute position that fell through.


Keep track of all above and below line expenses. Have a record of budgeted and actual expenses. Track it, plan it and keep on top of it.

Script & Shoot List

Maintain your shoot list or script, dedicated to every one of your productions. Keep notes of your shot ideas and visually link them to your talent pool, location as well as your story board.

Visual Reference

Tools to write, edit and maintain your production script again with the powerful visual reference to the rest of your production. Link casting, locations, talent or any other visual reference.


Go locations scouting for your current or future production, import location images or take your own with your iPhone. Manage all your location notes, rates and owner contact information. Just like a location manager on your device.

Production Documents

For your production documents, text scripts, shoot lists call sheets you have the documents section of Producer App. Store, accesses and forward project files or shared across all projects.

User Guide for iPad

Producer for iPad User guide. This guide allows you to learn the basic to advanced features of Producer app for iPad. Just follow through the handy guide and enjoy

Producer Blog

Visit Producer Blog for a wealth of production tips and essays. Read ideas on how to screen your indie film, music video production or just what a second assistant does.


Collection of media to give you another look at what Producer is all about, how it can work for you and its functionality overview.

User Guide for iPhone

Welcome to the Producer for iPhone User guide. This guide allows you to learn the basic to advanced features of Producer app for iPhone. Just follow through the handy guide and enjoy

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What is Producer?

Producer App is simply a powerful, creative production application for your iPhone. Keep, link and manage all your production information in an easy to use, coherent and efficient manner. Why have lists, spread sheets, scripts, call sheets, casting and production location information all over your system?

Producer provides the vital link between ideas and business, providing a format for successful media planning, by monitoring Projects and making sure that the creativity does not impact on profitability, and costs do not outstrip income. Producer allows you to take your production staff in your pocket wherever you are.

A great production is the sum of many parts, seamlessly woven together. Make sure yours is too.

What will it do for me?

You have a lot on your plate, casting, scouting, the budget; shoot lists and all your crew. You have emails going back and forth, you have un-confirmed crew and by the way what is the production schedule? Do you even have the right talent cast? Perhaps you do, but is this information is all over your laptop. Why?

You may be a commercial photographer putting on a lifestyle shoot or an advertising production. Maybe you are a freelance producer, location manager or a talent agent, you could be involved in theatre production. Producer is the perfect product to put at the core of all of your work.

Keep it simple; be on top of it all.

Who uses Producer?

Are you a film professional involved in production of music videos, video advertisements or perhaps working on a feature film?

We are continuously adding value to the Producer toolset for you and hope to hear what works for you and what would help you further. We are working to bring to you powerful tools that are easy to use.

If you are unsure how Producer will fit in to your work flow please get in touch, we would love to chat to you.