Film Making On No Budget #2

Don’t be foolish: It’s essential to know that you don’t need to rush with DIY filmmaking. Metaphorically speaking; imagine it as a marathon instead of a sprint. Make thorough preparations and achieve the best possible footage, meaning do countless retakes … Continue reading

Film Making With No Budget #3

Stand out: When working with no budget don’t try to make or replicate studio movies. You will not be able create something as polished and you will always fall short. In the end in doesn’t matter really because being an … Continue reading

Film Making With No Budget #4

The end: You’ve got your footage; you’ve edited it and applied finishing touches, what’s next? You need to take your finished film and submit it to festivals – to every single one of them especially those that are relevant to … Continue reading

Film Making With No Budget #1

It’s not impossible these days for just about anyone to make their own films. As long as you have a camera and an idea of what you want; nothing should stand in your way – not even a budget. Sure … Continue reading

I Am But A Nobody

Being a nobody filmmaker is not self-depreciating or degrading or an insult but actually an observation of what a new unrecognized budding filmmaker can anticipate from the industry and from its audiences. Nobody filmmakers do not have a familiar name … Continue reading

A Day In A Life Of An Indie Producer

Big time producers have it easy, indie producers not so. More often then never their lives and work overlap or sometimes they bring their work back to home or their personal life gets invaded with work. The distinguishing factor between … Continue reading

The Governors Award Goes To….A Male

The Academy has recently provided a list of recipients of their prestigious Governors Awards. The awards are given out to recipients in appreciation for their astonishing merits and involvement and accomplishments towards the motion picture arts and sciences. They are … Continue reading

Women Rising Up The Ranks In TV

The new television season for Fall has restarted recently and the reports and numbers for last years 2011-2012 season are out. In particular the statistics are for how women measured up behind the scenes in the TV industry. In other … Continue reading

50 Shades Of Oscar

It seems that the potential contenders for this year’s Best Picture race all share something in common with a certain erotica novel which took the world by storm and that is kinky sex. In a contrast to last years contenders … Continue reading

Why Pitch At CIFF #1

The Camden International Film Festival is an ideal platform for emerging documentary film-makers to showcase their work. It is seen as a forum that welcomes films that are not afraid to question the line between reality and fiction and films that inspire … Continue reading

Why Pitch At CIFF #2

The festival is indeed a very exceptional setting to experience the very best in global documentary film and it will without a doubt provide the platform for projects to gain recognition on a large scale. Emerging filmmakers should really sink … Continue reading

Finding The Perfect Publicist

Any rookie indie filmmaker will let you know that they would do anything to be able to land a big publicity firm to handle their project especially when it comes to present their film in festivals. The truth is; newbies … Continue reading

The Perfect Publicist – Working Together

Finding the perfect publicist, who is the right fit for your and your film, will do wonders especially in providing guidance when you are clueless as to what you need to do. Remember the points below when working with your … Continue reading

The Perfect Publicist – The Advice

So you have found your perfect publicists; someone who you trust and understands your film and gets what it’s all about. Below are a few things the perfect publicist will advice you so you can accomplish success: Develop images – … Continue reading

Skipping the Movies and Staying at Home

The dilemma these days over hauling yourself to the movies range from the ever increasing ticket prices, inedible concession stand food, irritating movie goers such as those who bring crying babies, those who are on the phone talking or texting … Continue reading

Pitching At Camden

The Camden International Film Festival just recently concluded and awards were handed out to well deserving winners. The festival which was in its 8th run is one of the top 25 film festivals renowned for documentary films and filmmakers. The … Continue reading

Lower East Side Film Festival Can Sometimes Be Good #2

2. Acting: Let’s begin by saying that the number of actors out there is immeasurable. And out of that countless number of actors there will be bad ones among them so choose shrewdly. If you are not feeling the vibe … Continue reading

Lower East Side Film Festival Can Sometimes Be Good #1

It would be fair to say that LES is unlike any other film festival. The Lower East Side Film Festival highlights films that are made for less so the deal is that any entry into the festival must be made … Continue reading

Is Scandal Good For Your Movie?

They say that any publicity is good publicity whether it is good or bad. Whether or not scandals are actually good for your business is a cynical way to look at things. Take for example the recent scandal of Kristen … Continue reading

Getting Funding For Your Documentary Without Selling Out

Funding is a vital part of the production process of your work. Without funding your project may never see the light of day. There are several channels to which you can obtain funding; through NGOs, charities, corporations, public funding but … Continue reading

Better Back Story Integration – Lets Count The Ways 5

5. Bits and Pieces – The organic-ness and naturalness of a scene can fall apart quite quickly if you dedicate a moment to disclose your back story soon it will become apparent that you are disclosing a back story. It … Continue reading

Better Back Story Integration – Lets Count The Ways 4

4. Showing, Not Telling – You don’t have to say a word to disclose the back story and yet somehow it is a great method to use because you are showing it instead. Showing a back story somehow resonated better … Continue reading

Better Back Story Integration – Lets Count The Ways 3

3. Another Character Reveals The Back Story – Have another character reveal the back story instead of your hero revealing his own.  It never comes out right when the hero does it so having someone else revealing it can amplify … Continue reading

Better Back Story Integration – Lets Count The Ways 2

2. Argument – It is easy to hide a back story when you have two characters having a go at each other. We get lost in their conflict and squabble that we don’t realize that the writer is actually revealing … Continue reading