iPad Storyboard User Guide

Storyboard & Projects Screen
Storyboard & Projects Screen - iPad Storyboard User Guide

1. Start by creating a project. Create a new project by tapping on the plus button in the top right hand corner of the navigation bar. Name your project when you see the name popup, and you are done.

2. Create PDF storyboard you have created.

3. When you have created at least one project by taping once. Selected the project will be active and tapping again will open it.

4. Individual cell within a scene. Tapping Twice will edit the image in painter screen mode just as is Edit button was pressed.

5. Annotation box: text entered here and saved is displayed under the image when you create a PDF storyboard from your project screen.

6. Save annotation types under the cell. Note if you simply tap away your text will also be saved so not to accidentally loose this work.

7. Edit button as well as double tapping on the cell will open this image in the edit screen.

8. Delete this image/cell only.

9. Edit button in the top left hand corner of the tool bar will put the sidebar in to an edit mode. Giving you the option to re-order, delete and re-name scenes and chapters by simply tapping on the name in the edit mode.

10. + icon gives you an option to add Chapters and Scenes as required.

11. In the case of an extensive chapter with a number of scenes this arrow button will hide or show these when toggled.

Storyboard & Projects Screen - iPad Storyboard User Guide

12. Select an image from your device Album.

13. Select available album image by tapping.

14. New will create a blank canvas with simple white background.

15. If you have a dropbox account and would like to download images directly select this option.

16. You can also use your device camera to create storyboard cells.

17. Cancel and dismiss this popup.

18. Tapping on a last cell placeholder will pop-up a number of option to insert, import or create your own blank cell.

Painter Screen – Mark-up and Draw
Storyboard & Projects Screen - iPad Storyboard User Guide

19. Back button will take you to the storyboard screen.

20. Undo button, tap to undo previous state. Made a small mistake? Just undo the whole step quickly.

21. Move between slides within the scene without backing up in to the storyboard screen of the app.

22. Save and flatten or baseline the current image without exiting back to the storyboard.

23. Color palate selection tool popup shared within opacity and brash size. You are able to select color for all drawing tools within the app from this. Brash, eraser, line, simple shapes as well as the directional arrows and text tool color is defaulter to what has been selected here.

24. As above #23 all drawing tools within the app can have their brush or border size and opacity selected from this universal popup.

25. If you would like to clear the entire Background Layer or your active Foreground Drawing Layer simply select from the two options given on popup.

Storyboard & Projects Screen - iPad Storyboard User Guide

26. To move the shape around touch and hold, then move any other part of the placed shape. Once the final position and rotation has been selected touch and hold this shape to see a green border outline together with two icons appear.

The red delete icon will remove the shape and the green commit tick with flatten it on to the drawing later. Once the shape has been committed you are able to erase at will with eraser tool.

Note: Committed or flattened shape will no longer be adjustable with exception to movement of entire layer together. (See #28)

27. Once a shape has been placed on the drawing canvas you can simply resize it by dragging the lower right corner in or out.

To rotate the shape touch with two fingers at the same time within the placed shape and rotate.

28. Optionally, if you need to shift the entire markup or the drawing later around the screen toggle Lift Layer to put the entire top layer in to move mode. You will see a dropped shadow to assist you distinguish the movement layer.

29. Color picker. Select color picker to see crosshairs on the screen, drag to the desired location on the screen and drop to select color.

30. Text type tool: Text size and color are based on the appearance of the menu button.

31. Directional arrow shapes. A selection of eight arrow direction shapes to annotate the story cell. Just as with other shapes these inherit the color and border size from #23 & #24 and may be resized and rotated.

32. Simple shapes and line tool, simple shapes can be rotated, resized as desired.

33. Eraser tool, erases the drawn layer.

34. Free flowing brush tool.

Painter Screen – Mark-up and Draw
Storyboard & Projects Screen - iPad Storyboard User Guide

35. Dropbox option will show you Dropbox login screen after which you should start the file upload directly to your Dropbox account.

36. If the file is a small enough to email one you can email it right there and then by simply selection email option.

37. This back button will take you back to the storyboard screen.