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Sam Cornwell pitches for Producer HD

Larry Buckworthy, make your life better with Producer HD

Larry Buckworthy, make your life better with Producer HD

Producer allows you to track, link and manage all your production information in one easy to navigate package. The intuitive and simple layout allows you to access your headline information quickly, and manage the details with ease.

Keep Cast, Crew, Locations and Budget at your fingertips to be able to plan, forecast and organise new Projects wherever you are. You can use Producer to build a stable of reliable contacts and dazzling locations, along with detailed information and vital statistics.

The easy to navigate interface makes planning new projects easy. Then, with the Project created, you can allocate a budget within minutes, and be able to present an accurate and credible set of numbers that suit any media production. Contact Cast, Crew and arrange Locations from within the application, using the built in phone and email capabilities, and monitor the costs in the Budget planner, to make sure your project stays on track.

Finally, you can archive your Project once complete and make sure you always have a record of the success, and keep track of the people that helped make it work.