Exam Time

Exam Timer Features
Perfect for your exams

Set the time and a number of questions. Configure the Exam Timer with your own preferences and exam types.

Study and test modes

Choose between study mode and practice exam mode. Sometimes you need to run the timer in a strict exam like setting at another time you may just want to chill out and only have the timer give you time guidance, sure it's your call.


Watch a beautiful timer, animated for every question as well as tracking the total set time. On the other hand you should be paying attention to the questions.

We have done the groundwork for you

We have pre-loaded one of the many standardised exam setting or create your own. We have you covered for GMAT, GRE, SAT, IELTS, TOEFL and a few more. You can always set your own.

Your style; your choice

Select between different themes. Choose your look and feel. Well we love to give you the the choice and that includes the look of the Exam Timer app.

Exam Timer Support
Exam Timer Blog

Visit Exam Timer Blog for a wealth of exam and study guides. Read about Exam Time Management Techniques, Standardised Tests SATs, GREs, GMAT and more.


Collection of media to give you another look at what Exam Time is all about, how it can work for you and its functionality overview.

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Exam Timer, what is it?

We all take tests and various exams through our lives to further our caress or simply get through school and have opportunities to have choice in our lives.

Exam Timer is an easy to use and a delight to look at app for your iPhone. An essential study aid designed to seamlesly help you score very well on all of your exams.

An Exam Timer will assist you with working through past papers, sample tests for your exams and teach you exam time management. Studding for a timed or standardised test with our Exam Timer for iPhone will teach your own internal timer to help you judge the right amount of time for each question.

Do I need one?

Simply put an effective exam time management is sometimes half the battle to get the marks on your tests and exams. Going in and sitting your test with innate internal metronome trained by an Exam Timer will give you confidence and time management skills. You will know when to keep on working towards the answer and when to move on. Stubbornly spending excess time on a hard question surely is the fastest way to a low sore.

Finally studding with the Exam Timer will boost your confidence and reduce exam stress and anxiety on the day. Now consider the tutelage and books you must invest in to get those marks; then consider how much value a fantastic exam management skill will contribute?

Exam Timer, who is it for?

We designed Exam Timer for the iPhone to complement any test that has a number of a questions and timed. You may be studying your SATs or equivalent or perhaps looking to get in to that prestigious MBA or medical school you should be using out Exam Timer.

Perhaps you are required to take an IQ test or to get that job. You may be just worried about your kids and their exams. You may be a tutor or a teacher and would like to recommend your students an effective way to study for their tests. Then this is the app for you.

All considered this is a very low investment for the results you will achieve.