Producer for iPhone

Producer is a Project management iPhone application perfectly designed for film and video production professionals and commercial photographers. All of the details of your production, from location shots, script, talent and casting information and budget is organised in Hero Producer and easily accessed on your iPhone.

Producer allows you the freedom to work from anywhere you like. All the information you need is quite literally at your fingertips. No more worrying about forgetting the scripts or your call sheet. Organised to keep your mind on the production and not hunting around for location information or production structure. Go through the shoot list right there on the set. Everything is stored on your iPhone and tied together for easy reference. Keeps you centred and in control amidst the chaos.

Producer for iPad

Producer for iPad is a Project management application for Film and Video production professionals, also perfect for Commercial photographers. Producer for iPad is our broader featured complement to the Producer on the iPhone. All of the features of the Producer on the iPhone in a more robust environment where you can develop your script or shoot list in style.

In addition you now have very powerful schedule and production features to plan and execute the entire production. A time line and Gantt chart keep the plan visual and task dependencies accounted for.

Finally, a dynamic story board you can work and make notes with and all of this linked to your script or shoot list. How can you possibly work without it?

Exam Timer
Exam Timer for iPhone

Exam Timer for iPhone is an effective tool to help improve your time management skills for the multiple-choice questions on your exams.

Exam timer is developed to give you the confidence to know that you can enter an exam and complete each question in the allocated time, the discipline to answer questions concisely and avoid the temptation to linger over those harder ones, knowing when you need to move on.

Conveniently pre-set for standard exams such as SAT'S, GMAT, GRE, IELTS, TOEFL as well as standardized IQ tests. You can also set it yourself for any timed exam.