Your Story Needs A Back Story – Intricate Stories

You are now probably familiar with the importance of character development in your back story.

Intricate back stories can be found is movies such as Hannibal where you will find out that he use to consume his victims, or the discovery of Thor and his complicated relationship with his brother or Bruce Wayne’s need to protect the citizens of Gotham.

The next natural transition would be to create a more vibrant and intricate story with adding depth and texture to what that is already there. The more you are better acquainted with your back story and characters the more intricate your stories will be.

The key is incorporating the intricate back story into the script. You need to establish a line to know when you are writing too much back story or too little of it. Don’t just place these intricate stories anyway or have your characters diving into the back stories senselessly and expect the flow to be uninterrupted. Chances are your story will turn into a big mess. Intricate stories call for careful and deliberate consideration for your story to be fully effective.

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