Your Story Needs A Back Story - Character Development

Back stories are an important component to every screenplay for a back story is the key to character depth.

Sometimes however screenplays are overcrowded with back stories that the main story suffers suffocation. Bu

To know how much back story you need to add to your screen place you must first understand why you need to add a back story.t sometimes too little back story is added that there’s no development in the story at all.

As mentioned earlier a back story is vital in the creation of character development. It is not true that no one cares what happened in a character’s history. The present state of the character is more important than their past is merely an opinion. It’s the choices your character makes in the moment that yields the biggest influence in the outcome but the choice is made based on the motivations of his past and that is where a back story is significant.

Mapping out a character’s comprehensive back story is a necessity. The more information of the past is laid out the easier the present and future will unravel itself.  The characters will come to live on their own when the subjects, themes and characteristics are extensively researched. Those who didn’t bother usually have their characters act and speak in clichés. It shows they know nothing about their characters.

It is an element that separates a brilliant script from mediocre ones and it shows that the writer has actually worked hard and done their research and transpires into something compelling.

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