Why Pitch At CIFF #2

The festival is indeed a very exceptional setting to experience the very best in global documentary film and it will without a doubt provide the platform for projects to gain recognition on a large scale. Emerging filmmakers should really sink their teeth into this experience and for the reasons below:

3. Training by industry big wigs.

Your pitch participation this year would have given you the opportunity to have Cecily Pingree, 2010 pitch winner and director of Betting the Farm, Judith Helfland and Andrea Meditch; help you with your pitch, as they worked with each contestant to perfect their pitch. There’s no better training that being under the tutelage of professionals with years of experience.

4. The perfect relaxing and quiet location coastal Maine town.

The festival only lasts for 4 days but the industry admission is wonderful. Because of the laid back setting, you can reach out to industry players by inviting them to a casual dinner, sipping margaritas by the bar, schmoozing at a fancy soiree.

All you have surrounding you is an industrial are filled with pine trees and video projectors and you. The environment is almost like a spa weekend and it will that help create meaningful bonds with industry elites.

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