The Perfect Publicist – Working Together

Finding the perfect publicist, who is the right fit for your and your film, will do wonders especially in providing guidance when you are clueless as to what you need to do. Remember the points below when working with your publicist so that you can get the most out of the making your festival rounds:

1. Always be open to advice because these are professionals who have been in the business for a very long time. Listen to those you work closely with and be open to suggestions and criticism. Also important to always make yourself available by not scheduling too many meetings and screenings and be willing to participate in any events at any time.

2. Be willing to adapt and open to changing direction. View the festival as a trial run since you don’t exactly know what you have so you equip yourself with certain ideas of how your film is going to be perceived or how to talk about it. The thing is that as the festival progresses and screenings pass, countless Q&A sessions; you may need to change your direction midway through so make yourself flexible and resilient to the changes and follow the natural flow your film will take.

3. Lastly – always have faith. See the relationship with your publicist as a collaborative experience. They are after all there to help and guide you. If they didn’t care about the film and the filmmaker they wouldn’t be there to help you put your film on a platform to be shown in the best way possible. They have no hidden agendas except the one to see you and your film succeed.

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