The Perfect Publicist – The Advice

So you have found your perfect publicists; someone who you trust and understands your film and gets what it’s all about. Below are a few things the perfect publicist will advice you so you can accomplish success:

Develop images – When going to a festival; you will not have enough time to compile and put things together in accordance to the way you want it.

Images are essential and filmmakers need to have foresight as to whether they have good images available from their narrative or documentary. Think about these images during filming and not after as defining images are important for publicity.

Leaving it till later will just be time consuming and more expensive not forgetting compromising the image quality.

Write what you know- Begin with something and have some basic material.

After several re-writes and check- through your original material will eventually change and evolve so it’s better to carefully edit from what you already have rather that starting from scratch.

The more time you spend on writing press kits the less time you have you to spend talking to journalists and the press.

Rehearse and prepare – Always rehearse with your publicist before a press junket. Sit down and talk about how you are articulate your film confidently and the ideas on the film.

Prepare and anticipate the kind of questions to expect from the press and audience Q&A sessions so that you can provide answers smoothly and with ease.

This is especially beneficial for rookie filmmakers because it’s a form of preparation before being thrown into a cage of lions.

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