Skipping the Movies and Staying at Home

The dilemma these days over hauling yourself to the movies range from the ever increasing ticket prices, inedible concession stand food, irritating movie goers such as those who bring crying babies, those who are on the phone talking or texting and also the annoying who are constantly chatting with each other or the ones who kick the back of your seat.

Going to the movies is just not as fun as it used to be. Below is a list of common movie going experiences we sooner wish we could forget:

1. You have not taken a bath in over a week and your friends suddenly ask you to go out for a movie. So you wear enough cologne to cover up your stank enough to have others around you gag over your overbearing scent.

2. You are with someone who has already watched the movie and they feel it’s their duty to tell you every single plot of the movie even has the lines memorized.

3. The whole cinema is practically empty so you pick a seat for maximum comfort until other people come in and choose amongst all the empty spaces to sit right next to you.

4. Sitting next to, in front of or behind overly anxious couples. You can either see them, feel them or hear them making out around you.

5. Those you are in front of you in line at the concession stand but have not made up their mind even after standing in line for over 15minutes. Its not rocket science.

6. Making witty comments during or about the movie. Please stick to your day job.

7. People fidgeting with chips packets, candy wrappers, bags anything that would make distractive loud noises especially during important dialogues.

8. Constantly sniffing or coughing or wheezing or clearing your throat – again unnecessary noises during important scenes. If you are sick you should stay at home and not infect the whole cinema.

9. Those who think its ok to rest their legs against your seat, shaking their legs, or worse kicking it. It can be felt whether you pretend you didn’t do it.

10. Clapping after a movie. It isn’t a live show – it’s a movie. No one is there to receive your appreciation.

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