Pitch Your Film to Everyone

Pitch Your Film to Everyone

So you have an idea for the film you want to make. You figured out the plot, you figured out the characters. You know and feel the whole thing from front to back. It took months, you finally finished the script, and you feel you are ready to raise money and make this thing.

Now you’re going to pitch. Pitch to financiers, your cast, the crew, to volunteers, to friends and family who want to know why you sacrifice so much to the film idea, strangers that you meet, pitch your audiences and distributers. You do not stop selling your film, get to love the process.

Some artists seem to have a visceral negative reaction to the idea of selling their work to people. Creative people can usually see their work clearly that they mistakenly do not understand why anyone needs to be sold on their idea. The idea is beautiful to them. To them the work is its own justification. Well, suck it up princes and ‘sell’.

Think passion; it is infectious. In addition to your passionate approach for the story tell people why you are in love with your project. It’s one thing to explain that you love someone it’s another to infectiously project this feeling. Once you tell them enough concrete reasons why they should be excited about your movie, they may be able to fill in the blanks and begin to understand why you are so infatuated.

On a more practical level, have a compelling synopsis for your film perhaps even abstract it. Give a clear sense of the characters, what is at stake, the arc and the hook. An interesting idea here is to pitch to another creative friend and get them write an outline. This will give you two pieces of information: 3rd party perception of the pitch and to the story.

Once you have it all down, practice. Thinking about repeating a pitch to yourself over and over until you feel the pitch is in your blood and perhaps seem a little embarrassing. Find the headspace that to feel comfortable selling your film. Leave room for questions and spontaneous reactions. Paradoxically, more you know your pitch, more loose and relaxed you will feel during it and relate with authenticity with each person without anxiety.

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