When a film flops at the box office

Putting months or more of time, work, and emotions into a film project, only to see it perform poorly at the box office, can be shattering for all involved in its production, particularly for those most responsible for its development … Continue reading

TV salaries and revenue

How the revenue from a television series is distributed among those who work on the show differs widely across genres and networks and depends on the relative success of the program, along with an assortment of many other factors. The … Continue reading

3D Technology in Film and TV

The past several years in film have seen a flood in the use of 3D technology, with enough titles coming through to occupy any fan of the format for most of the year. The popularity of 3D in theaters would … Continue reading

Please release and return to filmmaking

Filmmakers all over the world have called for the immediate release of six independent Iranian filmmakers arrested last month by the Iranian government on charges of espionage and treason for allegedly working with the BBC. The Academy of Motion Picture … Continue reading

Independent Revival

Independent film was on the minds of everyone at the Toronto Film Festival, earlier this season. TIFF marks the start of serious film season. Say goodbye to the superhero flicks and popcorn action movies of summer and say hello to … Continue reading

Documentary Landscape: Truth-Seekers

“Truth is the property of no individual but the property of all men.” True words spoken by Ralph Waldo Emerson hold up to the feelings driving today’s documentary filmmakers. There is always an aspect of life that is compelling enough … Continue reading

Epic Film-Making: The Red Epic

The RED Digitial Cinema Company revealed plans in 2009 to introduce the follow-up to its RED One Digital Cinema Camera. The result: the RED Epic, which lives up to its name. A few handmade Epic bodies were sent out to … Continue reading

Fix It In Post

“We’ll fix it in post” has become something of a trope — an on-set declaration of “forget it, we’ll fix it in post” means there’s been an oops moment that will then be covered up in post-production with editing, sound-looping, … Continue reading

Pirates & Media Investment - Effect of Illegal Downloads

The global effect of illegal downloading of your work. Digital piracy has been relentless since 2000, when Napster, the infamous peer-to-peer file-sharing service — these days, gone more commercial — kick-started the trend. With copyright infringement troubles sweeping Napster, piracy … Continue reading

Film Industry In China: Profiting From Propaganda

When it comes to making a feature blockbuster, China has a tactic Hollywood can’t quite stand up against. Typically, the way to go is getting a compelling script, hiring good, recognizable actors, shoot an exciting movie, and get it marketed … Continue reading

Award Winners

HBO’s knack for quality TV has long made it a success. How will it take on its next cutting-edge competition? If TV audiences are harder to please nowadays, subscription television network HBO might be to blame. Beginning around the late … Continue reading

Bringing The Last Harry Potter Film To Life

The time has come — the end of one of the most popular film franchises in history with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2. The eight part series has earned a whopping US 6.3 billion over the last … Continue reading

The Adult Industry Tries To Turn On The Profits

The adult entertainment industry wants to be more respectable. I know — porn wants respectability? It might sound strange to an outsider, but the adult industry is a big business. And big changes are about to happen within it, such … Continue reading

Twentieth Century Fox Film Noir

Twentieth Century Fox Film Noir is a collection of vintage films released on DVD, following previous box set releases by Aztec from the MGM vaults as well as classics from Universal. True its intent, the films included in this particular … Continue reading

The changing landscape of cinema in Australia

If there are good movies, audiences will come: that’s the theory. It’s what Mike Baard of Universal said, and it seems like good logic. The Australian box office has been doing well in the past few years. 2010 had the … Continue reading

New and Groundbreaking Gadgets at the 2011 SMPTE Conference

Autocue’s Teleprompter Monitor With the unique — literally, there’s only one in the world — IP-based prompting system, Aucotue’s new teleprompter monitor is light, using LED backlit technology to reduce weight and volume up to 25 percent. This 12-inch model … Continue reading

Working With Extras - It's All About Respect

By Tapio Ylinen – Master of Arts in Screenwriting Many of you are probably familiar with the BBC series ‘Extras‘ with Ricky Gervais. (If not, get it! It’s really good.) For those unfamiliar with the show it is a comedy … Continue reading

Modern Directing In The Theater

By Tapio Ylinen – Master of Arts in Screenwriting This article is a follow up to my previous one about directing, called ”To Act, Not To Show”. The main focus here is the development of directing an ensemble cast. In the … Continue reading

Learning from Asian Films

Ang Lee, Wong Kar Wai, Ken Watanabe, John Woo, Jackie Chan, and many other Asian actors and filmmakers have continued to strengthen their presence in America. In the past twenty years, fifteen years, there have been more Asians in Hollywood … Continue reading

Getting Free Soundtrack For Your Movie

Remy Zero, Stereophonics, Amos Lee, Dishwalla, Portished, Damien Rice, Vast, Better Than Ezra, Eva Cassidy, Devics and Eels are just few of the hundreds of musicians I discovered through movies and TV shows. I’m sure you have seen yourself in … Continue reading

Where Does a DoP Begins and a Director Ends?

So many filmmakers work almost exclusively with one Director of Photography (DoP) on all of their movies. Their partnerships are so long standing that it makes us all wonder how big of an influence is one to the other’s work. … Continue reading


“It is surprising how one character can conveniently alter the structure of my world and then… watch another painfully destroy it. Those were heartaches.” – Sath Cruz Having the ability to be someone else is not a talent given generously. … Continue reading

Common [Crazy] Problems in Film Production

“Filmmaking is athletic, not aesthetic.” That’s what Werner Herzog said and that is almost 100% accurate. There is a reason all major films go through extensive pre-production. Other elements in this world don’t necessarily share the Director’s desire to create … Continue reading

Importance of the Opening Image

By Tapio Ylinen – Master of Arts in Screenwriting I recently attended a screenwriting workshop by John Bernstein from the University of Boston. It was one of those events that started off really slow and nobody was quite sure how … Continue reading