Types Of Auditions

Audition is a job interview procedure during the casting process. There are many kinds of auditions: open call, first-rounds, private appointments, callbacks, cold readings, etc., which are all part of the bigger picture of casting. Open Calls An open call … Continue reading

Functions of Character Within Dramatica Theory

Dramatica is a theory of story structure developed by Screenplay Systems in the early 1990’s. The theory is based around the premise that a complete story imitates the problem-solving processes of the human mind. A cohesive and plausible story examines … Continue reading

Introduction to Dramatica Theory

What is it about story telling that has survived throughout humans’ entire existence? Stories in their various forms have been present in every culture, era and language known to man. What is about the story that makes it so irresistible? … Continue reading

Film Work and Networking Online

Well-connected contacts form the building blocks of a career, putting movie and TV professionals in touch with job openings, potential collaborators and countless opportunities. Even in today’s technology driven world, face-to-face meetings and word-of-mouth recommendations are by far the best … Continue reading

Using Samplers vs. Real Musicians

Some say electronic music will not replace live musicians. Offcourse not everyone shares this opinion. In the world of film scoring, budgets to pay musicians are notoriously tight. As a result, more are more composers are turning to electronic music … Continue reading

How Has Technology Has Influenced Film Industry

With the rise of 3D technology in filmmaking, many aspects of film production and film viewing are changing, not always by much but usually to a visible degree. Film industry employees at various levels and in a range of fields … Continue reading

Take Your Film To The Film Festivals

There is no single answer to the question of whether micro-budget filmmakers should take their films to film festivals. Some people who are established in the film industry speak highly of the opportunities attached to festivals, while others are more … Continue reading

Making Happy Feet 2

The original Happy Feet animated feature of 2006 incorporated motion capture technology for some of the scenes. Director George Miller’s upcoming Happy Feet Two will not only be spending more time in the mocap department but will feature a technique … Continue reading

Film Director’s Role

People make the mistake of imagining a director’s role in a film being to demonstrate in a physical way what he or she would like to see from the actors, i.e., acting for them. Not only is this a false … Continue reading

How To Break Into Writing for TV & Film

A writer hoping to break into television or feature films has a number of factors to consider in choosing which to focus on or whether to try to balance both. Television is intensely competitive, owing to the limited number of … Continue reading

Use of Temp Tracks - Pros and Cons

The mere mention of the words ‘temp track’ can be enough to send shivers down any film composer’s spine. The time-honoured practice of temporarily scoring a movie with existing music is one that many film scorers are passionately against. So … Continue reading

Using Music to Heighten Emotion of a Film

For the average movie-goer, a film’s music comes and goes, raising little- if any- cause for discussion. But as any good filmmaker knows, the score is an integral part of the finished product. Hiring the right composer is an important … Continue reading

Feedback On Your Film & Script

Learning how to accept feedback on your film or script and recognizing the value of others’ opinions is not incompatible with viewing yourself as an “auteur,” in the sense of being the principle creative force behind a particular film. The … Continue reading

What To Budget For Marketing a Film

When a film’s budget is publicized to have amounted to a certain figure, that figure does not include the amount of money put into marketing the picture. The budget includes pre-production, production, and post-production. This is typically the case for … Continue reading

Breaking Into Writing for TV

A major difference between writing as an unknown for the feature market and for the television market is the matter of timeframes and scheduling. Whereas an undefined number of film studios are constantly looking for new material, television networks are … Continue reading

“Based On” vs. “Inspired By”; A Degree Of Fictionalization

The terms “based on” and “inspired by” suggest very different standards of adherence to the facts providing the ideas for a film and the degree of fictionalization used to enhance the story, change the narrative, or make the film more … Continue reading

How To Get In To Cannes Film Festival

The Cannes Film Festival is intended for people working in the film industry, and public access to the festival is extremely limited. If you are not “accredited,” then your options are not vast, but they do exist. Members of the … Continue reading

imdb PRO, Is it worth it?

If you’re a beginning screenwriter seeking an agent, it’s very important to have more than one script written before you start. On the most basic level, your first script isn’t necessarily going to be your best one. Putting the work … Continue reading

Remodernism values; Authenticity is encouraged

Filmmaker and artist Jesse Richards published his Remodernist Manifesto in 2008, detailing the ideals and goals of the remodernist film movement he co-founded several years earlier. The manifesto begins with the caution that manifestos should “be taken with a grain … Continue reading

How To Get a Script In Front Of a Producer

Producers receive far more scripts than they can possibly read cover-to-cover, or even cover-to-page 10. They also may have many possible reasons that they decide to pass on the scripts they do glance at, and not all of them have … Continue reading

Female Driven Movies and Male Protagonists

The perception that male consumers, particularly boys, prefer to see movies with male protagonists, while female consumers view movies with protagonists of either gender, has truth to it but not an absolute truth. Because this perception is used to justify … Continue reading

Final Draft the Industry Standard. Will this change?

Final Draft is the industry standard for screenwriting software. It is used by neophyte writers and executives alike and allows screenwriters to produce material in a format that will be accepted, recognized, and used by anyone in the industry. It … Continue reading

Everyone's a filmmaker

Not all filmmakers are to the celluloid born, as this selection of Johnny-come-lately directors makes apparent. These twelve individuals, all successful and in most cases better known in other fields, have dipped a toe (or two or ten) into the … Continue reading

TV & Hollywood Writers Today

If the scripts being produced by television writing staffs today are any indication, Hollywood could benefit from revisiting the old “writers room” system for producing quality films. Work performed collaboratively, rather than by a series of consecutive contributors, currently generates … Continue reading