Watching Masterpieces on 70mm

The 70mm format is one that is almost abandoned; a windscreen motion picture format that gives you a larger and higher resolution image projection compared to the usual 35mm fare. The introduction of the video tape or VHS format in … Continue reading

Hold Up, Rewind

  There was a time back in the late 80s and early 90s when Black Sitcoms were popular and groundbreaking; creating a path into the aspect of the black experience that had never been discovered on American TV before. Sitcoms … Continue reading

Eliminating Oscar VFX Competition

The end of the Summer Blockbuster season signifies the beginning of Oscar season as Hollywood Studios begin releasing their more critically acclaimed productions in the race for Oscar glory. One category that has already found its favorite is the Visual … Continue reading

Manic Pixie Dream Girl

What do you get when you combine the confusing hallucinations of a sensitive writer-director with the personality of a cutesy quirky woman with a sunny disposition to life? The answer is – a Manic Pixie Dream Girl. The term was … Continue reading

Advice for Newbie Filmmakers

For new filmmakers who recently attended the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival; TIFF veterans had some sound advice and insight to help newcomers have a long and illustrious career in the filmmaking business. The film industry is one that is … Continue reading

Box-Office Hits the Pits

With summer coming to and end and blockbusters such as “The Dark Knight Rises” and “The Avengers” complete their run; the North American box office has officially had its worst run during the past weekend.   This is said to … Continue reading

Audition Tips

Keep calm If you want to be cast for the role you are auditioning for then it is important to keep calm.  As an actor it is your job to entertain the audience.  It is your job to make the … Continue reading

Film completion guarantors

A film completion guarantor is a company that, in return for a percentage fee based on a film’s budget, insures that a film will be Completed on time Completed within budget Delivered to the proper distributer once it has been … Continue reading

Got a Distribution Deal. What's next?

Getting a distribution deal is not the end of the line. You need to actively participate in marketing your film. Distributors have a number of films to market so you need to do your best to give your film as … Continue reading

International Distribution You Film

Foreign agents focus on getting international distribution for your film. They will bear the costs of exposing your film to a large number of buyers across all the international film markets, a very expensive endeavor to undertake on your own. … Continue reading

Film Distribution and Marketing Case Study – Beyond Biba

Beyond Biba is a documentary film by filmmaker James Colie. It features the life of Barbara Hulanicki, a UK fashion designer and founder of Biba, and was made for a budget of $25k. Since the film needed to start making … Continue reading

Illusion in Hollywood

Today, Hollywood movie studios go where the money is, and that often means outside of the United States. Canada has become a particularly appealing destination because of the government subsidies it offers for filmmaking within its borders. The subsidy provided … Continue reading

Carrying Out the Hollywood Fantasy

Hollywood’s culture of deception is most clearly manifested on TV talk shows where stars depict harrowing incidents during the filming of their movies. PR scripts are carefully designed so that stars stay in character, even during interviews. The reason for … Continue reading

Gross in Hollywood

“Nobody gets gross – not even a top dollar gross player,” Explains one Viacom executive. This means that even top grossers such as Tom Hanks, Arnold Schwarzenegger and even Pixar Animation Studios, do not get an unlimited percentage of box … Continue reading

Theatrical Distribution Deals

Getting a distribution deal for your film can be difficult. Because of distributors being burned in the past by poorly made films (or films that didn’t get made at all), traditional distribution deals are harder and harder to come by. … Continue reading

Film locations: Luring & Lucrative

There is much to consider in finding the perfect location to shoot a movie and the states each offer lucrative lures to choose their location. Substantial state tax credits are usually granted that for the Hollywood movie industry translates to … Continue reading

Hollywood lawyers, or where did the budget go?

What happens when a book author takes a Hollywood production company to court? In 2005 Clive Cussler, author of the bestselling book Sahara sued Crusader Entertainment for not respecting his right to approve the final movie script leading to a … Continue reading

Movie business; history repeats

Wide screen CinemaScope, surround sound, special effects and marathon movies are still not enough to create a large movie going audience. Sixty years ago movies were magic and the only way to see a flick was to go to the … Continue reading

Research and pilot testing, listen to your audience

If you want to make successful film or TV series it is vital to know what your audience wants and likes. Do your market research and pilot testing. Offspring, the Australia TV series is a prime example of how research … Continue reading

The Hollywood Hedge

With all the glitz and glam, in true Hollywood style, private investors and Wall Street investors are making a killing – or so they think. In point of fact Hollywood production companies are one-upping investors. Indie film makers aren’t the … Continue reading

From Novel to Screenplay: How Loyal Should You Be?

Countless amounts of films begin with a good book, but few screenwriters advise heavy involvement of the novelist in the filmmaking process. Sometimes, involving the novelist can lead to great improvement in the film’s quality—after all, nobody knows the characters … Continue reading

How Digital Filming is Changing Post Houses

When the consumer camera market moved from film to digital, the old film giant Kodak lost a huge share of the market to competitors like Canon. This happened because Kodak didn’t shift their business practices fast enough to keep up, … Continue reading

How You Can Profit From Transmedia

With the technology available today, content creators have a wide variety of media platforms in which they can tell a story. No longer is a TV show just a TV show—now it can be a multi-platform experience where audiences can … Continue reading

So What Exactly is Transmedia?

You may have heard the term “transmedia” thrown around a bit in the last few years. It’s commonly used in connection with small marketing tools like creating Facebook pages for new films, or larger things like companion video games and … Continue reading