From Porn Star To Erotic Novel Writer

As one of the most distinguished names in the adult entertainment industry, Sasha Grey can now add “Writer” to her resume. Signed to Beth de Guzman at Grand Central Publishing in the US and Catherine Burke of Little Brown for … Continue reading

Introducing This Year’s Emmy Presenters

As the red carpet was rolled out on Wednesday in preparation for Sunday’s live telecast; the final presenters were unveiled and among those who are set to take the stage are stars Hayden Panettiere, Claire Danes, Damon Wayans Jr. Kat … Continue reading

SNL In Japan

In a move to bring Saturday Night Live to Japan; Broadway Video Entertainment and Hulu Japan have signed a content agreement which enables Hulu Japan subscribers to watch the current season of SNL after its initial broadcast. September 15th marked … Continue reading

Things Not Looking Good for UK Independent TV

A study that was carried out recently implied that independent television producers have been confronted with tremendous demands to produce commercially successful TV programs in recent years causing them to avoid risk in a move that has caused annual revenue … Continue reading

Predictions for Oscar's Best Animated Feature

The nominations for the 2013 Oscars is months away yet predictions have already started pouring in. Officially; the nominees will be announced on January 15th and so far there are several releases already vying for a spot in this category. … Continue reading

Adele’s Skyfall

Rumor Has It that English musician and singer-songwriter superstar Adele has been enlisted to sing the main theme song for the next James Bond installation, Skyfall. Adele has propelled herself to superstardom when her sophomore effort 21 released in early … Continue reading

Theatres Adopting Ban On Soft Drinks

In a measure that is crucial to curbing obesity; New York mayor Michael Bloomberg has imposed a ban on the sale of sweetened soft drinks in cinemas. Considered as a huge leap towards promoting a healthier lifestyle; he hopes that … Continue reading

Help Wanted: Digitize Old Films

Remarkable films need distribution, extended funds and film making tools and they also need your help. Crowd-funding sites such as IndieGoGo and Kickstarter have certainly helped with these type of projects and made helpful film making tools so apart from … Continue reading

Employment Growth in UK Film Industry

In a recent report published by the British Film Institute and Pinewood Shepperton; The Economic Impact of the UK Film Industry which is specially made every 2 years established that British films contribute over 4.6billion British pounds to the UK … Continue reading

Jedi Mind Trickery – Part 2

If nos. 10 and 9 didn’t shock you enough; take a look at the next two films that will blow your mind: 8. Mulholland Dr. (2001) – This 2001 mystery thriller is about a lady, Rita who accidentally survives a … Continue reading

Jedi Mind Trickery – Part 5

We have now reached the peak of the series with the crème of the crop and what makes these two so unmistakably special is that not only are the twists to intricate but they are both films by acclaimed director … Continue reading

Jedi Mind Trickery – Part 4

Continuing our installment of the best twist endings in films this decade; the following entries will definitely leave you scratching your head: 4. High Tension (2005) – Two friends Alex and Marie encounter a psychotic murderer who invades their home … Continue reading

Jedi Mind Trickery – Part 3

Next up in the series of best endings with a twist: 6. The Village (2004) – A story about a primitive village in 1897 and their long standing agreement with the creatures “those we do not speak of” who stalk … Continue reading

Steering Through the Roadblocks of Documentary Making

Challenges a documentary filmmaking face  ranging from disagreements with subjects to managing lawsuits. The tips below will be able to provide some awareness into the development of your documentary and handling the struggles along the way. There will be numerous … Continue reading

Shooting Victims Sues Cinemark

For audiences who were excited to attend the midnight screening of the premiere of the Dark Knight Rises this past July 20th in Aurora, Colorado, the outing proved to be memorable in the worst imaginable way. James Eagen Holmes was … Continue reading

The Perfect End

Its is fairly common for filmmakers and scriptwriter to start their project by writing wonderful ideas and allowing the words to flow until then they reach a roadblock and just cannot conclude their story. There are five guidelines that will … Continue reading

Jedi Mind Trickery – Part 1

Movies have the ability to define a generation, to answer questions, to raise excitement and some just have the special mojo juice to Jedi master mind trick viewers in the best way possible. No doubt the past decade have produced … Continue reading

Oscar Nominations 5 Days Ahead

In an attempt to allow the public and the Academy members to acquire a longer time frame to watch the nominated films; the Academy made a decision to begin the announcement of the Award nominations 5 days in advance of … Continue reading

5 Shorts for Shorts

It is often thought that short films do not hold as much influence in the film industry as typical feature films do; but over the years so many remarkable short films have appeared to dispel this notion. There are many … Continue reading

Food with Epic Health Warnings

If you are health conscious and invest a big amount of your free time on fitness then this is not exactly the kind of craze that would excite you. Boasting 2.6million subscribers and over 430 million views from 100 videos … Continue reading

Stormy End at the Venice Film Festival

Known as an event for a boutique market that will never be as large or as significant as the Cannes or Berlin Film Festival; the recently held Venice Film Festival ended accompanied by controversy on how the awards were decided … Continue reading

Character Development Through Relationships

When you’re designing a great screenplay you can’t simply tell people about your character. You must show them the character that you’re developing through the different relationships they have. We can see the character by how they react with other … Continue reading

Calling All Women Directors

There are just not enough female directors out there in the industry and perhaps by changing our cultural perceptions towards how we view women; more may come forward to contribute their craft to the film industry. A successful director has … Continue reading

Sure Fire Post-Production Hit

Every rookie filmmaker should create a brief but substantial check list to help guide them around the usual filmmaking problems for a successful post-production process. First and foremost; you should not cut back any funds from your post budget during … Continue reading