Games Via TV To Challenge Console Makers

Consoles like Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3 are set to receive some strong competition from Time Warner cable and Comcast as they look into a cloud-based gaming service set to be a substitute for gaming consoles and making … Continue reading

Where Have I Seen Them Before?

Everyone has to start somewhere even famous celebrities. Stars do not instantly appear as if plucked from the heavens above and the selection of actors below is proof of that. They were little known stars back then paying their dues … Continue reading

Flops We Like To Forget

Just as every famous person had to start through humble beginnings and almost none will go through their career unscathed without a flop in their body of work. Sometimes however you have the odd occurrence where a movie cannot be saved … Continue reading

Learning Through Movies

There are lesson that can be learnt though the movies we watch; some answer life’s long unanswered questions some help you with love and relationships and then there’s some that can actually provide you with guides when faced with disasters. … Continue reading

Tough Market for Story-Driven Vehicles

In today’s tough filmmaking industry it is rather difficult to find movies where characters and story take center stage and one director agrees to this. John Hillcoat, an Australian raised in Canada; feels that he relates to this situation and … Continue reading

Dracula Musical An Original Creation

Jason Segal was once a struggling actor in Hollywood and during that time he thought that it would be an appealing boost to his career if used his passion for puppets and worked on creating a musical called Dracula Musical. … Continue reading

The Inbetweeners In Tinseltown

In a concept that is not so new; MTV has gone and reproduced an Americanized version of the popular British sitcom, The Inbetweeners, just as it did with Skins; another popular British teenage program. No schedule has been announced yet; … Continue reading

Money Doesn’t Talk in Hollywood Anymore

There was once a time when Hollywood stars would be paid an exorbitant amount for their talent; reaching tens of millions of dollars per movie and drawing in the millions to watch them; but all of that may come to … Continue reading

High Grossing Doesn’t Mean Good Reviews

Have you ever wondered how many films often panned by critics or have massive ticket sales drop after its initial premiere date but are also able to pull in the masses and rake in the cash? Most of the time; … Continue reading

The Ones That Got Away

Sometimes when a role of played so effectively it becomes impossible to differentiate the iconic movie characters from the actors who play them on the big screen and such examples are Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golighty or Judy Garland as … Continue reading

Special Screening of The Hobbit for Britain’s Royals

Without a doubt; having your movie screened specially for the British Royal family is an honour in the highest degree. The 65th Royal Film Performance will take place on December 12th 2012 ahead of the official premier of Peter Jackson’s … Continue reading

Downton Abbey‘s Second Episode Ratings Go Downtown

Despite being awarded Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series at this Sunday’s 64th Emmy Awards; things weren’t quite as glowing at Downton Abbey. The second episode of the series’ 3rd season was down 1 million viewers compared to figures … Continue reading

“Perks” At The Speciality Box Office

Clint Eastwood’s latest offering Trouble With The Curve and the new Judge Dredd reboot, Dredd 3D debuted over the weekend yet the box office on the whole continues its downward spiral with underwhelming numbers. Luckily the speciality box office was … Continue reading

“Fear Factor” Type Stunt Program on MTV2

If you think that Fear Factor was an exciting show despite its ridiculous premise; having contestant pit against each other conquering their fears by doing outrageous stunts such as drinking animal semen or being trapped in a glass box full … Continue reading

Duo Added To Thor 2’s Cast

The sequel to Thor due out November 8th 2013 has just included two brand new members to their already star studded cast. Thor: The Dark World has taken on Richard Brake and Clive Russell for the roles of demigods. Marvel’s … Continue reading

Licensing Lionsgate Movies

The first anniversary of television’s black targeted audience channel was recently celebrated and along with that celebration came the unveiling of several contracts that is intended to help enhance the channel’s appeal to viewers and advertisers. This exclusive channel is … Continue reading

First Peek: Treehouse of Horror XXIII

The first look for the poster for this year’s Treehouse of Horror is now available. Season 24 is set to begin September 30th 2012 and The Simpsons family’s annual Halloween homage is set to air on Sunday, October 7th 2012 … Continue reading

Cameo for Fifty Shades of Grey Author?

Ever since the books were published; the steamy erotic novel penned by first time author E.L James has since taken the publishing world by storm and now that storm has escalated into the impending screen adaptation. The trilogy has gone … Continue reading

Celebrity Genealogy Show and TLC in Negotiations

It has been said that Bloomberg has reported that negotiations have been underway for TLC Network to acquire Who Do You Think You Are? A celebrity centered genealogy documentary. The former NBC show centers on the journey of the selected … Continue reading

Generating Profits Through Vimeo

Filmmakers who upload content on the video-streaming platform Vimeo can now celebrate. Starting September 19th 2012, members of Vimeo Plus or Pro can earn an income by activating the new Tip Jar feature on uploaded videos. Vimeo Pro Subscribers will … Continue reading

The Architect behind Innocence of Muslims

The film industry has not seen a negative reaction escalate into such disturbing proportions to a film as it did in recent days through the anti-Islam film Innocence of Muslims which was released over the weekend. Protestors gathered in Afghanistan, … Continue reading

Stock Plunges for Retail Entertainment Leaders HMV

HMV, UK’s entertainment top dogs; have experienced a significant market value decline in a report produced for the past third quarters of the year ending mid-September. Known to be the premier brand in DVDs, games and music; stocks for HMV … Continue reading

In Reality – Does Someone Have To Go?

In 2009, a short-lived reality series called Someone’s Gotta Go was filmed but the pilot drew instant disapprovals when the show which focused on small struggling businesses in the middle of the recession allowed their workforce to decide to whom … Continue reading

Lohan and Sheen in Scary Movie 5

What started out as a parody of the horror, mystery and slasher genres in movies back in 2000 directed by Keenen Ivory Wayans and produced by his brothers Marlon and Shawn Wayans; this American dark comedy franchise has since go … Continue reading