Better Back Story Integration – Lets Count The Ways 1

1. Resistance – Possibly one of the effective ways to disclosing a back story is by resistance. Your character should be forced to expose their back story. That way the fakeness of your character divulging that information in the first … Continue reading

Your Story Needs A Back Story – Visible Back Story

A visible back story is the major events that take place that will manipulate your entire plot. Understanding what they are may be more challenging. Throughout your back story there will be at least three or four occasions that would … Continue reading

Your Story Needs A Back Story – Invisible Back Story

Another main component of a back story is the invisible back story – the type you actually may not see or identify or appear in your script. Invisible back stories actually makes up at the least 90% of your back … Continue reading

Your Story Needs A Back Story – Intricate Stories

You are now probably familiar with the importance of character development in your back story. Intricate back stories can be found is movies such as Hannibal where you will find out that he use to consume his victims, or the … Continue reading

Your Story Needs A Back Story - Character Development

Back stories are an important component to every screenplay for a back story is the key to character depth. Sometimes however screenplays are overcrowded with back stories that the main story suffers suffocation. Bu To know how much back story … Continue reading

Bored Of Your Script – Part Three

In part two we covered the elements in your plot that you will need to improve on to make more interesting scripts. This last part will hopefully give you a better picture on the extras you need to avoid so … Continue reading

Bored Of Your Script – Part Two

So far in part one; we have highlighted some main points with idea development and character development that will avoid the “Boring Script” pit of hell. The common mistakes highlighted below will further help you to avoid that: 4. Your … Continue reading

Bored Of Your Script– Part One

It’s always possibly to produce boring scripts, when you could add an element or two to polish it up and make it better. Most of the time you don’t know what you are doing wrong so you cant really correct … Continue reading

An Unforgettable Script

There is no other way to say how invaluable a structure of a script is. There must be understanding on where your first scenes need to be, your goals, your necessity the risks. You need to understand the concept of … Continue reading

An Interview With An Interviewee

Getting the prefect subjects to interview for your project may not come as easy as you think. At times you may encounter subject who just do not want to talk. To be fair, it’s their own right not to be … Continue reading

LES Can Sometimes Be Good – Part 3

3. Editing: Find a good editor, especially if you are not good at it yourself. Your film can be destroyed if edited by incapable hands. There are many available editors out there who would be happy to be attached a … Continue reading

Planning For An Interview

One of the most important components in documentary film making is interviewing your subjects. They need to be well planned to be executed perfectly. Planning effectively means that you need to contact your subjects in advance so that you can … Continue reading

Severance For Departing SAG-AFTRA Employees

Known as a labour union which represents film and television standard and background entertainers around the globe; the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists have just let their very own down. Boasting over 150,000 members in the … Continue reading

Things You Need To Know About Technology & Entertainment Part 2

5. Hollywood Is Still In Charge You can go on using the web and all other distribution and marketing methods but Hollywood is still the Godfather. They are the major players in advertising, distributing, getting audiences whether you want to … Continue reading

Things You Need To Know About Technology & Entertainment Part 1

1. Low-cost is Possible Things can be done for relatively cheap if you look and search enough for alternatives. Just because it is cheap doesn’t mean you won’t be able to make something good enough for the big screen. 2. … Continue reading

The Future Of Transmedia

The future is now with the media as audiences have evolved from being mere passive observers to being active participants who expect individual experiences from their entertainment. Not only that, viewers are portioned over platforms and expect to follow the … Continue reading

Women In Hollywood Need Respect

Hollywood is in many ways synonym to the Land of Dreams – so why is it that that when it comes to position of power within the entertainment industry; it seems like a place they can only go to in … Continue reading

Truthful Documentary Making Tips

How does a cinematographer film a truthful documentary? Commonly know as Cinema Verite; it is a method that unites natural with stylized cinematic equipments of editing and camera angles and dramatic set-ups. The camera is used to incite subjects and … Continue reading

High End For Honey Boo Boo

If you don’t know who Honey Boo Boo Child is, it is most likely because you have not been caught up with the current state of reality TV in particular Tiara’s & Toddlers. Out of all the other appearances; Honey … Continue reading

Women Gaining Recognition in the HIFF

You wouldn’t think The Hamptons International Film Festival which draws in about 18,000 visitors annual and participation by at least twenty countries was original established as a celebration of independent films. The festival which is a celebration in various ways is also … Continue reading

Women: The Masters of Documentary

Sundance is a renowned outlet for documentary film development and considered to be the most essential unit in the US for this purpose. According to reports produced recently, 39% of the documentaries were directed by women not just for Sundance … Continue reading

$1million Aid For Industry Workforce

In a move to aid the entertainment industry workforce who is facing serious economic, health and employment challenges; the Writers Guild of American West has contributed $977,095 to The Actors Fund. The funds will be available for everyone in the … Continue reading

Healthy Cooking Show YouTube’s First Foray Into TV

YouTube, the online video giant will be funding Recipe Rehab, a healthy cooking show that will be associated with ABC’s TV stations nationwide. This will mark the first of many YouTube series to do so as they push towards more … Continue reading

Tracking “Like” Through Facebook

If you have a Facebook account and are active users on the social networking site then you will be familiar with the “Like” button. Facebook users usually express their like for something by clicking the thumbs-up button whether it’s for … Continue reading