Hong Kong Cinema

Stephen Teo’s long-awaited work on Hong Kong cinema provides the reader with a broad survey of this exciting national cinema l`rom the beginning to its present uncertain status, concentrating on the post- World War II period. Since reliable information has … Continue reading

Andre Bazin at Work

Up to the publication of this book, Bazin has had the critical reputation of the high priest of realism in film. His ascribed orthodoxy maintains that the cinema has value as it preserves transient details of life with a vivid … Continue reading

Black Women Film & Video Artists

Black Women Film & Video Artists is a welcome addition to a growing body of work on women filmmakers of color. Bobo has edited a remarkable anthology of groundbreaking new work in the history and theory of black women such … Continue reading

John Huston's Filmmaking

There’s an old adage that it’s not good enough for you to succeed; your friends also have to fail. Something akin to that seems to have infected academia, where it’s not enough to have produced a worthwhile study; all others … Continue reading

Theatre to Cinema

Not since A. Nicholas Vardac published Stage to Screen in 1949 has there been such a significant study of the complex relationship between theater and early narrative film. While Vardac saw nineteenth- century theater as “proto-cinematic” (striving for spectacular effects … Continue reading

Charlie Chaplin and His Times

By Kenneth S. Lynn. New York: Simon and Schuster As a subject for a critical biography, Charlie Chaplin is simultaneously irresistible and forbidding. He is irresistible because he is one of the first and most enduring movie stars, because he … Continue reading