LES Can Sometimes Be Good – Part 3

3. Editing:

Find a good editor, especially if you are not good at it yourself. Your film can be destroyed if edited by incapable hands. There are many available editors out there who would be happy to be attached a project and are always looking for collaborations.

Go ahead and post a add on Craigslist, join forums and film message boards, anything really as long as you can get an editor who is not clueless.

You are likely able to find editors who are recent graduates who have adequate capabilities and are looking to start somewhere to build a portfolio of body of work.

4. Camera, Sound & Music:

We can’t observe a movie if we can’t see what you are attempting to illustrate to us and we certainly can’t hear what you are trying to tell us if your sound is no good. As far as music is concerned; choosing the appropriate music at the right timing can make your story soar to great heights or send it plunging to the ground. Don’t just insert music for the sake of it and repeat he same key over and over again. Instead know when it is necessary to incorporate it and make it good. Local musicians are easy to find and are probably looking for the free exposure so that will suit your limited budget well. Just make sure at the end of the day they get rewarded as they deserve and give them credit where credit is due.

5. Directing:

The most important of it all when working on a tight budget is making sure everything comes together through great directing. Make sure to be brave and tough in your choices and make sure to be in the company of those you trust and who you know will be absolutely honest with you.

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