Lower East Side Film Festival Can Sometimes Be Good #2

2. Acting:

Let’s begin by saying that the number of actors out there is immeasurable. And out of that countless number of actors there will be bad ones among them so choose shrewdly.

If you are not feeling the vibe and talent deep down in your gut during the audition process, then don’t give up and carry on looking. You must exhaust all options until you have found the absolute perfect persons for your roles.

When you hire in haste and your actor is bad, they will bring the script down with them. No amount of great production value or writing or direction will be able to save the mess who is the centre of it all and your brilliant film will crumble into a big pile of hot mess.

If you think you are saving budget by casting yourself but you are a bad actor, please do yourself a favour and remove yourself from the casting. If you think you can pull it off and do the film justice then go for it and that includes casting your friends. Good friends don’t equal good actors.

Also important to remember to cast appropriately meaning you cannot have 40 year old actors running around acting like a teenager high on hormones. It will just not work no matter how young they look. Not even if you gave her teenage acne, fix her hair in pig tails and dress her in a school uniform.

Casting a brilliant actor however can lift your script so high you will be soaring like an eagle on cloud nine just by watching the talent unravelling. Good actors act effortlessly and don’t look like they are trying to act, and just because someone cries and screams a lot doesn’t mean that they are good. So pick the best in spite of your budgeting constraints and don’t settle for mediocre.

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