Lower East Side Film Festival Can Sometimes Be Good #1

It would be fair to say that LES is unlike any other film festival. The Lower East Side Film Festival highlights films that are made for less so the deal is that any entry into the festival must be made within the budget of $200,000 or less.

When you attempt to make your movie on such a limited budget you will not be able to incorporate the following: expensive locations, A-List players, amazing special effects, and all that bling.

In a way without all the gimmick your greatest asset will be your writing. The guide below will help you achieve an amazing production on a tight budget:

1. Writing & Special Effects:

Concentrate on writing your story within the constraints of your budget. You cannot write something that is meant for bigger budgets just as your room will never transform into a palace. Your limited budget will just not allow that.

The genre options however are limitless but you need to be frank and pragmatic. You can make low budget horror or sci-fi films in the vein of Paranormal Activity but you will never be able to replicate the battle scene in Lord of The Rings.

Working on a small budget just means that your story needs to be substantial and you needed to make adjustments to make that work.

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