Is Scandal Good For Your Movie?

They say that any publicity is good publicity whether it is good or bad. Whether or not scandals are actually good for your business is a cynical way to look at things.

Take for example the recent scandal of Kristen Stewart and her Snow White and The Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders. Those involved would usually be indifferent to that kind of situation because it is no indication of the quality of the work itself. Historically however scandal has not done movies any favors.

In its essence; of course in a situation like that it is sad for those who got hurt but it’s easy to turn a domestic seemingly normal problem into massive media frenzy. Problems get turned into something larger than it should be and reflect back on the creation of the work.

Following the revelation of an affair; Mr. Sanders is still attached with the project, but the scriptwriter and main star will be parting ways.

It’s always said that when these things happen those who depart do it on friendly terms to pursue different projects but what will never part is the stigma that the film will always be attached with and with all who were involved.

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