How You Can Profit From Transmedia

With the technology available today, content creators have a wide variety of media platforms in which they can tell a story. No longer is a TV show just a TV show—now it can be a multi-platform experience where audiences can get more information about stories and characters through online games, webisodes, graphic novels and more. This is sometimes known as transmedia franchising.

Today’s youth have grown up with these platforms being a normal part of life. They switch seamlessly from TV to mobile devices to the internet. Content creators are finding that they need to find ways to suit this tech-savvy audience no matter where they are. This creates a larger and more engaged fan base which leads to larger revenues.

Independent filmmakers can use this franchise approach without breaking the bank. Because eBooks and tablets are so popular, it is now much easier to release a comic or a short book about your characters. This can introduce audiences to the characters before your film’s release, or expand the universe after release. If creating a game seems like a natural extension of your movie (think sci-fi films), then you might be able to co-produce with a gaming company to create a web-based game for your film, and split the revenues.

It’s important to remember that each of your platforms should act independently of the others. Audiences should be able to enjoy the video game without having seen the movie, for example. Each piece expands or supplements the main story, but should also be able to stand alone.

You can also easily use social media to start creating a buzz about your project. Create a Facebook page for it and provide details, pictures and clips. You can test out what audiences think of your characters in time to change the script, if things didn’t turn out the way you thought they would. This is a relatively costless way to get feedback about your story before anything is set in stone. Many films and TV shows put up clips on their Facebook page, and fans can leave comments about their thoughts. This direct feedback is invaluable. Clips can also be used to promote upcoming episodes or film releases.

It’s been recommended that about 10% of your budget should be spent expanding into multiple platforms. Any less would be an insufficient investment that will be wasted because it would be a job half-done. If you can implement the transmedia approach well, you will find yourself amply rewarded for your efforts. The success of so many others is a clear indication that transmedia franchising is the way forward.

Overall, transmedia is a simple and easy way to improve your project and your fan base. Allowing the audience to interact with your story in these ways will only help promote your film and possibly help clarify flaws in the storyline to you. When done properly, there’s almost nothing to lose.

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