Film Making With No Budget #4

The end:

You’ve got your footage; you’ve edited it and applied finishing touches, what’s next? You need to take your finished film and submit it to festivals – to every single one of them especially those that are relevant to your film. Think of the submission fee for some festivals as a small investment on your part to get your film seen.

Your submission could actually lead to something you didn’t expect and so you need to prepare for that too as it may be screened at a major festival and fade away or it may not be selected at all. The beauty of it is not knowing but taking the chance anyway for your efforts.

At this day and age; if your submissions are rejected don’t take it personally and move on. When that fails try getting your film on digital platforms – YouTube is excellent for that.

Do it now:

Stop making excuses and whining about failure or falling short, just get off your couch and do it.
Don’t worry about anything else except creating something. You will realize that the set back it just want it is and that you can get over that. Worry about getting it right later on.

When all is said and done; you will have in your hands your very own “masterpiece” that you spent absolutely nothing on and made it with your trusted friends, something special that could be substantial and worth something. What ever follows after that is just cherry on the ice cream.

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