Film Making With No Budget #3

Stand out:

When working with no budget don’t try to make or replicate studio movies. You will not be able create something as polished and you will always fall short.

In the end in doesn’t matter really because being an independent filmmaker automatically makes you a rebel so do things on your own terms.

You don’t have to answer to investors or studios so your main priority is your craft and making something you always wanted. There’s no need to worry about appealing to a mass audience because most likely no one will get to see it.

The main point it trying and going for it and whether you fail or not, it doesn’t matter. It is most certainly a low risk undertaking even if you feel that the story you are telling is the most compelling one even if it is actually not.

Find your middle ground:

One of the biggest challenges of not having a budget at your disposal is that you will have to make many sacrifices along the way. In a way though it will help you in deciding what’s necessary and what is just ridiculous gratuitous so that you can get all your shots you need during production as effectively and cost-effectively as you can.

Film making on no budget how changed over the years and now you don’t actually need to conserve film supply. You no longer have to resign to finding the best shot and then doing a scene in that one shot.

Everything is digital right now so we can actually store as much footage as our cameras can allow us. Don’t go overboard however dozens of shots you actually wont use. Instead stick to fewer shots so that you don’t get stuck on just one scene which will most likely result in drained creativity.

Also be prepared to shoot at locations that you may need permission too but don’t have one. Just do it and then make a run for it but make sure you got what you need.

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