Film Making On No Budget #2

Don’t be foolish:

It’s essential to know that you don’t need to rush with DIY filmmaking. Metaphorically speaking; imagine it as a marathon instead of a sprint.

Make thorough preparations and achieve the best possible footage, meaning do countless retakes until you are absolutely certain you have captured everything you can capture. If you don’t succeed in doing this your films message will be all but lost and your efforts will look foolish.

Technically however, don’t let the quality be compromised. Obtain the best equipments you can and use it to its best capabilities but don’t worry too much if your shots are not exactly flawless or high on effects.

It’s possible to shoot a decent movie these days by just using an iPhone especially if you can achieve great sound and lighting. It’s not about the size of the camera any more but how well you use one.

Be sure when you are casting to choose the more natural and comfortable performers. Just because they are amateurs doesn’t mean they should be wooden and awkward.

Be foolish:

DIY film making is really all about enjoying the process and having fun so forget about working too hard or measuring up to quality standards – that’s the great advantage to films with no budgets compared to big studio productions.

The end product should be worth yours and everyone else’s time. But since you will most likely be working with friends despite not getting paid you must make the experience a positive one for all involved.

In the event it all goes south and everyone ends up fighting with each other; at least create something out of it like a lifetime documentary.

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