Film Making With No Budget #1

It’s not impossible these days for just about anyone to make their own films. As long as you have a camera and an idea of what you want; nothing should stand in your way – not even a budget.
Sure a Do-It-Yourself film with no budget will be difficult to make but it’s not impossibility and here’s what you need to know:

Position yourself for success – You need to be in this mind frame from the start. Begin by writing something that can actually be created and make it so that the locations are easily accessible without any hassle. Remove moments you can’t film cheaply and situations that may cause conflicts.

Your story should incorporate the resources around you such as day by day circumstances with people you know.

Your story can even be about existence within your setbacks to compliment the vibe of your movie if that is what you are going for depending on your production value limitations. For example a standard definition camera with a film lens adapter will be good for a grainy gritty vibe.

Every scene cannot take place in a standard apartment so if you need to use a restaurant, a school, or a supermarket; just ask and make sure its some place you have access to. Why not shoot at your own home.

The same applies to the music you choose for your film. Plan from the start if you will use a local or independent musician; you will be surprised how much your scene can be elevated by a great selection of accompanying music.

Learn to embrace your restrictions as it will make your job easier and will help to enhance its rareness. Incorporating you and your environment will make it something that no one else can offer.

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