Your Story Needs A Back Story – Invisible Back Story

Another main component of a back story is the invisible back story – the type you actually may not see or identify or appear in your script.

Invisible back stories actually makes up at the least 90% of your back story research. It ranges from where your character was raised as a child to their first day at school. Also includes their first kiss and their biggest heart aches to their first job and their worst fears.

All those are invisible back stories and they all play a part in the grand scheme of things. This is because the more knowledge you have on your character the more effortless it will be to make them unique and fascinating.

Since they aren’t written specifically into the script; it actually serves to enlighten you of your own connection with your characters so you can value them and inspire their selections.

An example is when you are writing a romantic comedy; your heroine Maddie is about to get married to her partner Ben, whom she loves dearly but is safe and reliable. Her real soul mate is the dangerous Joel, the one whom she had the best days of her life with and who left her many year ago is now suddenly back in her life.

This situation creates the ideal set up for a conflict. If you have not done an invisible back story research beforehand, the awareness and prospect for a possibility for conflict would be all but lost.

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