Women: The Masters of Documentary

Sundance is a renowned outlet for documentary film development and considered to be the most essential unit in the US for this purpose.

According to reports produced recently, 39% of the documentaries were directed by women not just for Sundance entries but for almost all of the top film festivals in the States last year alone. The report also showed that 31% of the creative workforces and teams working on these documentaries were of the female kind. This year those numbers continue to rise as it is found that 40% of the directors are women and their ability and force has become a driving force in documentary filmmaking.

Not only that, it is also discovered that the management if the Sundance documentary program as well as the feature programs are done by women. It is very substantial to have women in these important decision making positions as it promotes variety and awareness in a wide selection of stories that flows and surrounds them through the projects they are interested in and in turn incites interest in others too.

There is not doubt that women are the stronghold of the industry today.

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