Women In Hollywood Need Respect

Hollywood is in many ways synonym to the Land of Dreams – so why is it that that when it comes to position of power within the entertainment industry; it seems like a place they can only go to in sleep.

There is a need to elevate the status of women in the industry and it can start with the steps below:

1. Hire more women directors.

Women hardly ever receive directing jobs and it’s something that Hollywood power brokers seem to fear doing as if it may cause a bad chain reaction. Having women in these power positions is precisely why it is important to have them there. Kathryn Bigelow and her historical Oscar win proved that women could direct men and inspire millions. The likes of Phyllida Lloyds (Mamma Mia) and Jennifer Yuh Nelson (Kung Fu Panda 2) also proved that they can create something with box office success.

2. Respect their money.

It doesn’t matter who it comes from it is all worth and amounts to the same but it appears that Hollywood is one of the only places that does not take female audiences and consumers seriously. Not enough content are geared for women who actually make up to more than 80% of all consumer driven decisions.

3. Respect their stories.

Stories of male heroes are everywhere these days but 51% of the populations are women so why aren’t their stories being told. Blockbusters like The Help or Bridesmaids are great examples of women protagonists but they are such big surprises perhaps we need more of these.

4. Don’t read disaster into every failure.

Men have it easy; when they don’t do well they fail up but with women they fail out. There aren’t enough women in the film development departments so films about and by women just aren’t release as many or as frequently and because of the lack in being replicated the momentum is so slow that when failure happens it is seen as immense.

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