Why Pitch At CIFF #1

The Camden International Film Festival is an ideal platform for emerging documentary film-makers to showcase their work.

It is seen as a forum that welcomes films that are not afraid to question the line between reality and fiction and films that inspire and enlighten and entertain. Need a reason to be a part of this festival?

1. The reward for the award.

Winning $1000 over the weekend is not too shabby even after you take into account the cost for travelling to Maine and your accommodation.

Besides that obvious reward, you will also be able to rub shoulders with many industry people within the small area of a very relaxing down so it can be considered a perk for emerging filmmakers and also the fact that you can brag to future investors that you were honoured by the festival for your participation.

2. Talented industry key players who are compelled to be exposed to you and your project.

Every year, the panelists include really brilliant people who you want to get the attention of and whose presence itself is an inspiration to you.

Amongst this year’s stellar panellists were: – Judith Helfand (Chicken & Egg Pictures),  Brian Newman (Brainstorm Media / direcTV), Beth Janson (Tribeca Film Institute), Andrea Meditch, Chris Hastings (WGBH), and producers Daniel Chalfen and Phil Engelhorn (Cinereach) and several others.

Which emerging filmmaker wouldn’t want to be a part of this?

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