Watching Masterpieces on 70mm

The 70mm format is one that is almost abandoned; a windscreen motion picture format that gives you a larger and higher resolution image projection compared to the usual 35mm fare.

The introduction of the video tape or VHS format in the 1980s dominated the film industry as a less expensive method and medium especially compared to the 70mm film which required an expensive projection system and screen. Usage of the 70mm film is now being left behind as the film industry is gradually converting to digital formats.

The main differences between these formats are the technical differences in your film and its’ compromised quality. Of course using the 70mm film will certainly be more expensive compared to shooting digitally but its quality is unrivalled.

There is however an advantage to the 70mm compared to its digital counterpart – your creation on film comes to life in a way that no digital formats can ever capture and this translates well in engaging your audience into your storyline especially with stimulating themes and creative ideas. These small things are what separate an amateur filmmaker and a professional one where by actually film is used to create pure magic.

The experience of watching a beautiful masterpiece on a 70mm is one to be savoured as what you will see is a creation of pure art rather than a construction of uninspiring ideas ladened with calculated profit margins.

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