Things You Need To Know About Technology & Entertainment Part 1

1. Low-cost is Possible

Things can be done for relatively cheap if you look and search enough for alternatives. Just because it is cheap doesn’t mean you won’t be able to make something good enough for the big screen.

2. Don’t Forget the Product 

Don’t get too consumed in the marketing of the product and focusing too much effort on it. There’s no point in having great ideas but not knowing or fully understanding what you are doing.

3. Distribution is Essential

Just about anything can make a movie, but the most important thing is getting it out there. What good is a great movie if it’s sitting on shelf gathering dust. Distribution is the window to everything.

4. You Win Some You Lose Some  

You have a choice of creating something that would reach a limitless amount of audiences with a big budget for all sorts of extravagant additions but in return you are attached to a major company pulling your strings; or the choice of creating something all on your own with a meager budget and basic editing for limited audiences but with all the freedom you need. It is an either or situation.

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