Things Not Looking Good for UK Independent TV

A study that was carried out recently implied that independent television producers have been confronted with tremendous demands to produce commercially successful TV programs in recent years causing them to avoid risk in a move that has caused annual revenue to triple to 1bililion$ in the past 10 years. This proves that by playing it safe Indie TV producers have been maximizing their profits.

The UK government plans to re-evaluate the 2003 Communications Act which gave independent producers ownership rights to the programs but the description recommends that stipulations should not support independent producers anymore.

Producers have been moving away from high quality documentaries and moving on the less superior unscripted or reality TV. They are also seeking to sell their content globally as they are in direct competition with the UK public services broadcast trailblazers such as BBC and Channel 4.

The division had become increasingly tainted as pressure increased causing production crew to bear the brunt. Working situations have been a disgrace, pay ranges have dwindled, training levels are dire and exploitation is rampant.

If the UK government moves to approve of the new terms, things will undoubtedly be gloomy for the future of Indie TV.

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