Pitching At Camden

The Camden International Film Festival just recently concluded and awards were handed out to well deserving winners.

The festival which was in its 8th run is one of the top 25 film festivals renowned for documentary films and filmmakers. The projects that are highlighted are usually those that are dedicated to the craft with a distinctive and inventive approach to telling a good story.

It is because of this that emerging filmmakers should pitch at this festival. The Pitch contest was once only opened to projects from New England based filmmakers, but it has since opened its arms to welcome those from across the US and because of this, the number of applications into the competition had doubled.

This is not the only festival organize a pitch contest however, Toronto has the Hot Docs Forum and Sundance has Good Pitch, but it seems the Points North pitch contest at Camden is the ideal platform for emerging filmmakers to get the ball rolling on their project on a larger scale.

So congratulations to Mike Attie and Meghan O’Hara’s for their pitch “In Country” a Vietnam War re-enactment film and for beating out 7 other competitors for the coveted Points North award.

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