I Am But A Nobody

Being a nobody filmmaker is not self-depreciating or degrading or an insult but actually an observation of what a new unrecognized budding filmmaker can anticipate from the industry and from its audiences.

Nobody filmmakers do not have a familiar name neither any identifiable films so no one really cares about their contribution – not studios, not producers not audiences.

A tailor sews, a chef cooks – so a filmmaker must go on making films. A tailor doesn’t sew a dress and expects a clothing line in return. A chef doesn’t cook one recipe and expect to receive 5 stars and a fancy restaurant.

A nobody filmmaker must earn their worth and not demand from people their hard earned cash and time. Worth is achieved by constant productions.

It takes years of mistakes, of trials of learning and growing to make something of substance and it should be reflected in your work.

Being a nobody filmmaker is not about crunching the numbers for a marketing and business plan before the actually film or filmmakers who don’t even try to make the film because they don’t know how they can generate profits from it. That is not a nobody.

In reality no one is creating blockbusters after blockbusters and no one wants to anyway except for once in their life. The main thing is to create something of substance, something to be proud of, something maybe no one watches but those who do understand.

Understand the media background and we can understand the type of filmmaker we want to be. It is OK to be a nobody filmmaker.

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