Help Wanted: Digitize Old Films

Remarkable films need distribution, extended funds and film making tools and they also need your help. Crowd-funding sites such as IndieGoGo and Kickstarter have certainly helped with these type of projects and made helpful film making tools so apart from helping out you gain something in return.

A/V Geeks are one of those said projects amongst the many who look to crowd-funding sites to help realize their venture. They have spent the last two decades recovering over 24,000 old 16mm of informative films which they plan to digitize over 240 hours of unrestricted films and making them available through These films not only serve to entertain but to provide as well, especially in matters regarding our cultural history. Digitizing these films will enable us to access these enriching relics in a time when someday projectors will sadly have completely vanished.

Donations raised will allow the A/V Geeks to segment out the necessary time, equipment and resources to make the digitization
possible. For every $1 of contribution, a short 1970s TV commercial would have raised enough funds to be placed. Every 35$ contributed is enough to digitize 10 minutes of film and every 500$ is enough for 1 mile of film to be distributed online without restriction.

The many benefits to donating to this foundation will be in the form of t-shirts, stickers, DVDs, posters, a screening at your event and also the chance to help pick which films to digitize. Films that have already been digitized can be found at their Tumblr site.

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