Healthy Cooking Show YouTube’s First Foray Into TV

YouTube, the online video giant will be funding Recipe Rehab, a healthy cooking show that will be associated with ABC’s TV stations nationwide. This will mark the first of many YouTube series to do so as they push towards more professional content.

Recipe Rehab is a cooking online video series that is set to be an example for other developing shows as YouTube attempts to penetrate the broadcasting TV world and will serve as a justification of the content strategy for them.

This is not the first time that YouTube has produced breakout hits that have gone on as produced cable TV series. The well-liked Annoying Online for example was added to Cartoon Network’s line-up just early this year.

Using healthy cooking as the focal point; Recipe Rehab which is co-produced by Everyday Health and Trium Entertainment is set to launch on Ocotber 6th and will be broadcast in the weekend mid-morning slot. Plans for expanding the show to a 30-minute episode will be effective for nearly all stations connected to ABC.

More than $150million in cash has already been spent by YouTube for professional content to increase viewer-ship, participation and promotional returns.

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