Flops We Like To Forget

Just as every famous person had to start through humble beginnings and almost none will go through their career unscathed without a flop in their body of work. Sometimes however you have the odd occurrence where a movie cannot be saved despite the brilliance of the cast. The movies below are evidence that no matter how good the actor is we would never gain the wasted 120minutes of our lives back:

Michael Fassbender – Jonah Hex (2010)

Coming off a string of great performances and hits with Hunger, 300, Fish Tank and Inglorious Basterds; Jonah Hex was not going to have him continue that streak. The movie was so terrible with an ensemble cast so large, everyone involved just moved on after it finished as was a massive waste of time and talent.

Sandra Bullock – All About Steve (2009)

This movie was so disastrous it earned Ms. Bullock a Razzie in the same year she won an Oscar. Being the only actress to win both awards in the same year she actually showed up to collect both honours. But sandwiched between The Proposal’s release that summer and The Blind Side after, it was easy to forget this mess happened.

Christian Bale – Terminator: Salvation (2009)

After having just come off three of his best works with director Christopher Nolan in Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and The Prestige and several other interesting side projects in his body of work; viewers would rather watch Terminator: Rise of the Machines than this garbled mess. His next role however in The Fighter managed to erase this blunder and condemn it from memory.

Emma Stone – The Rocker (2008)

Known for having a smart mouth, quick wit and sass; Ms. Stone managed to win audiences over with scene stealing roles in Superbad, Zombieland and Easy A but it was the unfunny The Rocker that caused a bump in her “fun ride”. None of her charm could’ve saved this flop and erase this from our memories any quicker.

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