Employment Growth in UK Film Industry

In a recent report published by the British Film Institute and Pinewood Shepperton; The Economic Impact of the UK Film Industry which is specially made every 2 years established that British films contribute over 4.6billion British pounds to the UK GDP and more than 1.3billion British pounds to the government.

The report showed that the UK film industry employs almost 44000 people which increased from 36000 the previous year. It also detailed that the average salary for film and television workers is in the region of $63000.

This study however cites that the risk of highly skilled workers taking their talents abroad can occur as they look for better compensation, taxation and further opportunities should these areas remain uncompetitive. The report also finds that Film Tax Relief is imperative and cautions that without those incentives, UK productions will be spectacularly 71% less significant.

The inclination of performing well is comparative to today’s economic environment however there’s nothing more that can be done to improve. Efforts need to be made in foresight on how to facilitate further ventures into infrastructure and how to build on UK’s increasing global status to enhance exports. By expanding these areas; film can provide more work and help amplify the growth of the UK economy.

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