Eliminating Oscar VFX Competition

The end of the Summer Blockbuster season signifies the beginning of Oscar season as Hollywood Studios begin releasing their more critically acclaimed productions in the race for Oscar glory.

One category that has already found its favorite is the Visual Affects category filled by none other that the record breaking The Avengers. This epic success is not only the box office champion of 2012 with the third best domestic gross in the history of film at $620.3million; it also features the amazing work from the FX geniuses at Industrial Light & Magic and also the thrilling and entertaining direction of notably loved director Joss Whedon.

The Avengers however may not sit pretty on its perch for long as it will face competition from director Peter Jackson and his latest effort The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey which opens December 14th; with a new and improved Gollum and VFX wizards from Weta Digital Best in 3D. The Hobbit maybe just prove to be its closest competitor. Expect also to see substantial competition from the likes of The Dark Knight Rises, Prometheus, Snow White and the Huntsman and The Amazing Spiderman as well as Cloud Atlas which opens October 26th and Life of Pi opening November 21st.

What may push The Avengers to come out victorious is the impressive VFX breakdown footage found on its’ Blu Ray release. The impressive work done on The Hulk, allowing the character come to life by placing actor Mark Ruffalo in The Hulk. The team captured an authentic digital double of the actor as scientist Bruce Banner and then combined him with the animated Hulk therefore generating an organic creature of one and the same.

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