Dracula Musical An Original Creation

Jason Segal was once a struggling actor in Hollywood and during that time he thought that it would be an appealing boost to his career if used his passion for puppets and worked on creating a musical called Dracula Musical. He later showed it to director Judd Apatow and several others who found it hilarious but the problem was Mr. Segal did not intend for it to be a comedy.

5 years later he was cast in the lead role in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, directed by Nicholas Stoller, and somehow he managed to get the muse of his musical on board as well the project as well.

While discussing on a unique way to end the movie, Segal brought the idea of the musical to Mr. Apatow and despite being an unconventional ending it was also a perfect fit. Segal soon realised that it was indeed a comedy after all and altered the material.

His love for puppets was evident from a young age as he has always been fascinated by them. He had no problems working with puppets and has since gone on to star in The Muppets Movie as well co-starring Amy Adams.

  • “More than funny, I think there’s a sense of magic to it. At some point, you lose the sense of magic you’re born with when you realize the world is a tough place. But puppets, you forget it’s puppetry in Tim Burton movies — Nightmare Before Christmas and even Beetlejuice and things like that. It just reminded me of believing that anything could happen.

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