Calling All Women Directors

There are just not enough female directors out there in the industry and perhaps by changing our cultural perceptions towards how we view women; more may come forward to contribute their craft to the film industry.

A successful director has the ability to portray stories that audiences can engage in and this can also mean that a woman can be seen as a “wunderkind” and “girl wonder” not just a name applied to Steven Spielberg. By opening up the genres; men and women alike can grow to identify themselves with female leaders and heroes.

Young women contemplating this idea can start believing that this dream is attainable and that all it takes is for them to polish their craft and go through the proper training to equip themselves with the knowledge required.

To have more women behind the camera; industry players have to hire a considerable amount of female staff and believe that amongst them there is that special one. Sex appeal cannot be a determining factor in this instead; they must look into the conviction of their work and ideas.

There has to be belief that a female director can take on a big budget, large scale ideas, high profile stars as well as full-size crews and not lower them to small budget indie type obscure films. They need to be taken seriously and not be told to confine to a stereotypical female role.

Directors are known to be workaholics and successful directors, even women, do pride themselves with this and will put their careers ahead of having a family and instead seek out like-minded individuals.

Women directors should be encouraged to think outside the box, to push themselves, to write, direct, compete and produce and to be comfortable with the role of power and decision making, directing, delegating and employing others. To have no fear and to dive into everything head on.

When we accept all these; we can also accept and embrace the quirky behaviours, temper tantrums brought on by stress and pressure, that they can be in command and at the same time have the ability skirt along the fine lines between being bitchy and wimpy. Treat them as equals and they will prove that they can be a force to be reckoned with.

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