50 Shades Of Oscar

It seems that the potential contenders for this year’s Best Picture race all share something in common with a certain erotica novel which took the world by storm and that is kinky sex.

In a contrast to last years contenders which were rather prudish, with Shame being the only film that seemed to have raised the temperature a little. This year however is a stark difference as if the group of hopefuls drew inspiration from Fifty Shades of Grey.

The sexual content of these films do not actually have any connection to the popularity of the novel; rather it’s merely an observation that the novel had somehow help open up a window of opportunity in erotica.

It is interesting to see how these critically acclaimed films are allowing some naughtiness in their content and in similar fashion as well.

The trend is apparently rising in the list of The Master, Hyde Park On Hudson and On The Road, and should any of these films make nominations; Oscar night and the censorship board will surely have their hands full and their work cut out for them.

With more films expected to be released in coming months leading up to nomination night and subsequently the main even; it would be intriguing to see if this is indeed the trend this year.

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