5 Shorts for Shorts

It is often thought that short films do not hold as much influence in the film industry as typical feature films do; but over the years so many remarkable short films have appeared to dispel this notion.

There are many advantages to creating a short film compared to the lengthy feature film and one of it is that the filmmaker has the entire independence to do anything they want. There are always stories that are inspired by the passion to tell it them or a new take on a recycled idea.

There are 5 key points to call attention on and keep in mind and firstly is; never regret what you have created. There is always going to be a drive to have an idea and then to create it instantaneously but haste will limit your input on your final creation. Give yourself ample time so that you are able to challenge yourself to be more sincere and enlightening and to allow yourself to develop your characters.

Always write what is on your mind and what you are thinking of. What ever you feel at the moment, what ever excites you and holds your interests, write that. Mostly likely the ideas will flow freely to create a full story.

Writing a short is actually harder than a full length feature. Since there are not specific sets of rules with short films as compared to the intrinsic rules in features; there can be so many types of stories to tell sometimes it can be hard to know where or how your story will end. So always keep that in mind and know when to draw the line.

It is also very important to respect your actors and have compassion for their courage and openness as acting may appear to be an easy craft but it actually isn’t. Actors are great assets in your production. If you change your mind countless of times during the entire film making process, you need to be able to communicate well and explain the reasoning. Also collaborate with your actors rather than expecting them to just follow your every instruction.

Last but not least always turn up on set fully prepared. Do your research, know what you are doing and bring imagination and inspiration to the table so that your can share it with your cast and crew.

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