Bored Of Your Script – Part Two

So far in part one; we have highlighted some main points with idea development and character development that will avoid the “Boring Script” pit of hell. The common mistakes highlighted below will further help you to avoid that:

4. Your scene doesn’t have a point:

It is common for a pointless scene to appear as early as the second act and that is a script killer. Most writers begin with making their first scene so thrill inducing they think that having the next scene with dialogue is sufficient. It appears that you just want to fit everything great into the first scene the second just becomes filler. Instead make it that the characters want something out of the scene even if it’s through dialogue. It will create suspense to draw your audiences in.

5. Too much action:

Inserting too much action is like throwing on a false security blanket because action automatically equals to excitement and entertainment. In reality continuous action is just like continuous dialogue – it’s mindless and boring. Action scenes are only effective when there is actually something at stake. They are interesting because the previous scenes are all build up to this one action sequence. If not it becomes monotonous.

6. Your scenes have no conflict:

Your scene needs to have characters fighting over something; a struggle between two opposing ideas, two opposing people. Your scenes will then open up into who will emerge victorious between the struggling duo. It doesn’t matter if there’s a winner in the outcome the main point is they are both trying to accomplish something and that is what makes the scene interesting. Inserting conflict can be tricky though as its not just about 2 people being angry with each other. It could be a struggle that they aren’t even aware is taking place. Create an imbalance that needs resolving.

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