Bored Of Your Script – Part Three

In part two we covered the elements in your plot that you will need to improve on to make more interesting scripts. This last part will hopefully give you a better picture on the extras you need to avoid so you can produce great compelling scripts:

7. No depth in characters:

Some writers create multiple characters in their story but what they fail to do is develop them. An action movie is no excuse. For every character you inf8. Nothing happens:

Use you need to know them in and out. You need be aware of and identify to their dreams, their aspirations, their needs and wants, their struggles. Without it all your characters will have no depth, without depth your characters become one dimensional and one dimensional equals boring.

The problem is not knowing what making something happen means. Having something happen is not having your characters going out with their friends and talking, it’s not taking the train and going to work. Things are happening but nothing that is interesting or exciting. For a scene to be “happening” it needs to push your story forward. It just basically means that the scene has to have an impact on the overall story. So when these friends are out talking – have them talk about the struggles they are going through their lives, the problems they are facing while having fun, not just another night out with friends. Otherwise it becomes just another scene.

9. Story with no focus:

When you lose track of the story the downward spiral to boredom comes pretty quickly. The jumbled mess makes people not want to care anymore. You forget the purpose of the story, the aim of the conflict, what the characters are trying to achieve because it becomes too complicated and messy. So make sure in your script to always emphasize the clear goals and motivations of the character even if it is repetitive. Losing track becomes a loss in interest and in turn makes your script boring.
10. No effort in options:

You have a great story, great characters, plot is well develop but it is still boring – the reason is because everything you wrote was evident. They were all predictable, everything that has been said and has been done before. Nothing new nothing different nothing with an extra oomph to bring to the table. Always ask yourself if you can come up with something better than your first attempt. Spice it up and make it cooler, and challenge each option by making it better.

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